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Alumni Awards

4th Annual Alumni Award Application

We know that our alumni are increasing the recognition of acupuncture and Oriental medicine and we want to award you for it! One of the advancements we are seeing in both Western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine is the movement towards EVIDENCE-BASED HEALTHCARE AND EVIDENCE-INFORMED PRACTICE.

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine is working with the Academic Consortium for Complementary and Alternative Health Care (ACCAHC) to inform our community of the trends and advancements in Healthcare. EVIDENCE-BASED HEALTHCARE is one of the six competencies that have been identified as key components to moving our medicine forward. For more information on these competencies, visit www.accahc.org or CLICK HERE.

We want to hear our story! See below how to submit your real life examples of EVIDENCE-BASED HEALTHCARE AND EVIDENCE-INFORMED PRACTICE in the practice of Chiense Medicine and win a free Symposium pass for 2014!


  • Submit a short description of how the nominee has demonstrated evidence-based healthcare and evidence informed practice – Visit www.accahc.org for more information about Competency 5 Evidence-based healthcare and evidence-informed practice
  • Include Curriculum Vitae and Professional Bio

All nominations and supporting documents are due by May 1st, 2014 and can be submitted to Angela Yvonne at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

We look forward to honoring our graduate at our Symposium Alumni Celebration in November 2014. One winner from each campus (SD,CH,NY) will be awarded free admission to Symposium 2014 and will be honored at our Annual Alumni Event with an honorary plaque.  

COMPETENCY 5 – Evidence-based healthcare and evidence-informed practice*

General Competency Statement: Explain, evaluate, and apply scientific evidence in the context of practitioner experience and patient preferences and apply evidence informed decision-making in integrated healthcare delivery.

EP1. Explain the role of scientific evidence in healthcare in the context of practitioner experience and patient preferences.

EP2. Describe common methodologies within the context of both clinical and mechanistic research, focusing on an assessment of your own field.

EP3. Discuss contemporary issues in integrative practice research, including those relative to evaluating whole practices, whole systems, disciplines, patient-centered approaches and health outcomes.

EP4. Analyze the research base within one’s own discipline including the positive and negative interactions, indications and contraindications for one’s own modalities and agents.

EP5. Apply fundamental skills in research evaluation.

EP6. Demonstrate evidence informed decision making in clinical care.

EP7. Discuss the value of evidence informed risk management planning and risk management behavior.