Dr. Leng Tang-Ritchie Cited by Healthline on TCM Cold and Flu Remedies

October 25, 2021

Healthline, a resource for physical and mental wellness, recently cited Leng Tang-Ritchie, Vice President of Clinical Education and Operations at Pacific College of Health and Science, on TCM cold and flu remedies. Virgina Duan, writing for Heathline, confirms that there is still no cure for either the common cold or the flu–but you can definitely take steps to limit the stay of a disease instead of letting it run rampant in your system for over a week.

According to Tang-Ritchie, multiple factors, including the conditions and state of each individual person, can influence how a cold or flu presents.

“That means that we treat differently depending on whether the patient’s symptoms are predominately presenting as heat, cold, or even dampness,” says Tang-Ritchie.

Both herbs and foods are used in TCM to support the restoration of your body’s natural functioning and boost your immune system. Licensed professionals can prescribe you a specific, personalized blend based on these factors. Find out more about common ingredients you might find in these herbal cold and flu remedies:

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