Oxygen Cites Kiera Nagle, NY Director of Massage Therapy, on 8 Types of Massage

September 27, 2021

Elizabeth Blasi, writing for Oxygen magazine, talked to Kiera Nagle about the differences between and benefits of the types of massage you’re most likely to find on offer at a typical spa. Kiera Nagle, MA, LMT, CPMT, is the Director of the Asian Holistic Health and Massage Therapy program at our New York campus.

The most common variety, Swedish massage, aims to relax the body through percussive tapping and vibration. According to Nagle, however, while many clients request Swedish massage because of its popularity, it may be more beneficial to talk to your therapist about options instead of simply choosing the most “trendy” treatment. For example, “sports massage is best suited to meet the goals of clients who are active”, said Nagle, whereas “deep tissue massage is for those experiencing chronic pain from a past injury” or built-up tension in the neck and upper back.

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