Dr. Shellie Goldstein Cited in NY Post

Dr Shellie Goldstein Cited in New York Post

AcuLaser and auriculotherapy, two sharp-free treatments offered by Dr. Shellie Goldstein, chair of the new FACE program at Pacific College!

What if you could get the benefits of acupuncture, a centuries-old healing modality rooted in Chinese medicine, without having dozens of intimidating needles poking into your body? And maybe even become so relaxed that you look refreshed?

Read more about auriculotherapy and AcuLaser, two new sharp-free treatments that expert cosmetic acupuncture Dr. Shellie Goldstein, chair of Pacific College’s brand new FACE program, will cover with her students. Both tap into the basic tenet of acupuncture — the stimulation of the body’s meridians to promote health. Among many other celebrities, Penélope Cruz and Matt Damon are already fans of the technique!

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