Caroline Ortiz, Pacific College Nursing Faculty, Featured by Minority Nurse

Caroline Ortiz Holistic Nursing Faculty

January 19th, 2021

Caroline E. Ortiz, MS, MPH, RN, NC-BC, an associate professor teaching in Pacific College’s Holistic Nursing program, was featured by Minority Nurse on January 15th’s article, “Studying the Traditional Healing Practices of Mexican-American Women”. Ortiz grew up in a household that straddled the boundary between the US and Mexico linguistically, culturally, and nearly geographically. As a child, she received healthcare and medical aid from both Western practices and curanderismo, the traditional medicine system of ancient Mesoamerica that is still practiced by many communities throughout Central and South America.

Find out about plática, a heart-centered talking diagnostic tool for arriving at working through the root of a problem; limpia, an energetic spiritual cleansing  for rebalancing physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual aspects; and some of the healing herbs and botanicals used in curanderismo, including basil, rosemary, chamomile, and sage, lavender.

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