PCOM Cited on Acupuncture in the Huffington Post’s Life Section

According to some aestheticians, the ancient Chinese beauty and wellness practice can reduce wrinkles, calm inflammation, and boost collagen.

Most of us know that drinking water and getting good quality sleep is important for keeping your skin clear and radiant, but what else can you do to keep your skin in tip-top condition? Pacific College’s blog post on Acupuncture for Eczema and Skin Diseases was just cited by the Huffington Post on treating skin conditions with acupuncture.

Check out the article below, learn how facial acupuncture helps treat and clear acne, even of the cystic variety, and take in some advice from skin experts when it comes to face treatments.

“When you’re putting needles around the breakout, your body has to think about that area more again, so it’s going to send more blood and more white blood cells to the area, which is going to ease the bacteria under the skin that’s also causing the acne,” Singh said.

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