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Dr. Jennifer M. Williams, who is a professor in the Pacific College Health and Science online doctoral program, brings her experience as both a service member and acupuncturist with the military to healing pain that is not only physical. “The consequences to physical, emotional, and psychological traumas have distinct associated pathologies and recognized therapies, with the exception of an injury to one’s morality.  Being ordered to inflict harm on another under a directive of authority in the context of war, business, or medical advancement has chronic consequences that Western medicine has only recently started to recognize.  This may be largely due to the culture of suppression that made speaking out on moral issues taboo in many industries,” says Dr. Jennifer Williams, who also serves as the Doctoral Research Methodology and Capstone Lead at the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences and is a part of the faculty at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Acupuncture school student learns from experienced professor in a classroom setting.

In Chinese medicine, emotional and physical health are interwoven, an entanglement that Western medicine is only beginning to acknowledge. Read the full article at LhasaOMS.com!

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