pop!TALK: Rethinking Cancer - Changing the Terrain of the Body August 03, 2017

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pop!TALK: Rethinking Cancer - Changing the Terrain of the Body August 03, 2017

August 3, 2017 -
6:15pm to 7:15pm
Chicago Campus
65 E Wacker Pl
Chicago, IL 60601

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Learn helpful strategies for prevention, treatment, and recovery. Chinese medicine can be a powerful component of integrative care in the West as it is in China. Participants will learn:

• How the holistic framework of TCM fills gaps in cancer prevention and treatment

• What herbs and supplements are safe and beneficial during conventional care

• How mind-body techniques are beneficial for more than symptom relief 

Presenter Brendan Mattson, DACM, practices acupuncture and Chinese medicine, with extensive training in integrative care for cancer patients. As academic dean of graduate studies at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago, Brendan draws upon his training in TCM, bodywork, qigong, Chinese language, and Chinese history in his curriculum development and teaching. Brendan studied TCM internal medicine at Shanghai Shuguang Hospital in 2005 and TCM Oncology at Shuguang and at the Sichuan East-West Integrative Hospital in Chengdu in 2008. Brendan earned his DACM at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego.

Everyone is invited!

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Starts at 6:15, doors open at 5:30

$5 dollar donation at door appreciated, but not required

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