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An internet search of the concept of “peak performance” reveals an almost entirely athletic focus. However, coaching clients can and do seek peak performance in many and sometimes every domain of human life: intellectual, interpersonal, financial, and more. They may want better communication with spouses and children. They may be seeking a more fulfilling sex life. They may want effective charitable activities or spiritual growth. And yes, they may desire optimal physical health and help achieving athletic goals. Pacific College Health and Human Performance Coaches guide and assist clients in achieving any life-affirming goal.

Health Coach professor teaching students about peak performance.

Nonetheless, athletics provides a useful metaphor for peak performance. Pacific’s coaches consider every client an athlete in their own way with goals that benefit from healthy lifestyle and nutrition, goal setting and peak performance monitoring, and strategic planning and effective execution. Examples abound. Business teams become more effective with enlightened leadership and better communication tools. Office workers become happier and healthier with improved posture. Parents benefit from stress reduction, work-family balance, and everyone benefits from wholesome and delicious nutrition, physical activity, and recreation.

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Pacific College’s Health and Human Performance Coaches expand the concept of peak performance to include every aspect of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, and they tailor resources once reserved for elite athletes to average individuals. They are part of an epic adventure to help individuals and groups fulfill their potential and realize their dreams.

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