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Pacific College and Integrative Medicine: An East Meets West Approach to Health

A recent issue of Acupuncture Today reported big news for one of the largest medical schools in the United States. The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Health System has begun to introduce methods of Eastern medicine into their medical curriculum. Journalist Daniel Ramirez reports, “By meshing a 3,000-year-old medicine with cutting-edge medical science, one of the largest medical institutions in California is hoping to lead the way by proving there are effective ways to deal with disease with a new type of care that incorporates both East and West.” This was an exciting development for proponents of integrative health who believe that the more options available for patients, the better.

Oriental Medicine & Prevention: Avoid Winter Sore Throats the Chinese Way

February is one of the most common times of year for people to get sick. Kids go back to school and parents get back in the swing of a busy work schedule after the holidays. Our minds and bodies are synched and often when our minds are overwhelmed, it’s our bodies that take the beating. Sore throats, stuffy noses, body aches, and even the flu are all common symptoms of a mid-winter slump. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has a ready remedy—give your body the right fuel and it will run smoothly.

East Asian Medicine for Colds and the Flu

Colds and the flu virus plague most people at least once a year. Hardly anyone manages to escape the typical runny nose, itchy eyes, and high fevers associated with a cold or the flu virus. However, traditional Chinese medicine has been very successful in treating patients who suffer routinely from colds and the flu virus. Individuals who are especially prone to contracting them should further investigate this viable alternative to standard treatment. Traditional Chinese medicine uses natural herbs such as Angelica root and field, to rid your body of viruses.
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