JCM Online Archive Now Available! A whole new way of subscribing

The Journal of Chinese Medicine has been the foremost English language journal dedicated to professional and student level information on the entire field of Chinese medicine for over 30 years. Pacific College of Oriental Medicine is pleased to be a partner with the prestigious Journal of Chinese Medicine as a co-publisher and U.S. distributor of the publication.

The Journal of Chinese Medicine was founded in 1979 at a time when information on acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine was hard to come by. Early issues focused on presenting clear, detailed information on basic Chinese medicine theory on a level unavailable elsewhere in English. Since then, the Journal – like the Chinese medicine profession in the West – has come a long way, and The Journal of Chinese Medicine is now recognized as the premier English language journal on all aspects of Chinese medicine. The Journal of Chinese Medicine is published three times a year: February, June, and October.

Online archive now available! All subscribers will receive a print copy (three issues a year) and have twenty-four hour a day online access to the entire JCM back issue archive. This unrivalled resource contains seven hundred PDF articles on every aspect of Chinese medicine published in The Journal of Chinese Medicine (JCM) since 1979, plus thirteen hundred abstracts from the Beijing-published Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine (JTCM).

How to subscribe:

If you have difficulty subscribing online, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 619-574-6909 ext. 155

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