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Acupuncture for Children

By Chris Wriston Acupuncture is being practiced more and more in the Western world. Many more Western-medicine practitioners are agreeing that it is a great supplemental therapy for many conditions. It is a great way of treating pain, and it doesn’t have the side effects that pain medications do,...

Huperzia for Alzheimer's

Huperzia is a club moss indigenous to China. It is a non-flowering ground cover that has changed very little since prehistoric times. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the entire moss was used in making a decoction for treating pain, fever, and inflammation. It can also be implemented as an anti-...

PCOM Proud to Play Role in IL. Dry Needling Legislation Victory

Addition of this technique without any educational standards or meaningful oversight of the practice would expose the public to undue risk of harm. “Our passion helped us win out—because we truly knew we were in the right. We want patients to have access to effective treatments with practitioners who are thoroughly trained in the techniques they are providing,” says Miller. PCOM thanks the Department for its attention to this issue, as well as all the groups and individuals who have helped in this effort. Particular thanks on this effort are extended to Steve Morrill and Curt Fiedler of Morrill and Associates who have helped guide communications and who have spearheaded this work for all of the professional communities, Lindy Camardella and Claudette Baker who joined Dr. Miller in facilitating this process, as well as to Jeannette Hoyt who spent many hours organizing and promoting this effort, and Mary Rogel for being a champion of the community for many years.

Tai Chi in the Mainstream

Tai Chi, a centuries-old Chinese exercise system, is making its way into the Western mainstream. In ancient China, Tai Chi was a closely guarded secret passed down from family to family. In the 19th century it was revealed to the masses and quickly became the national exercise of China. Today, Tai...

TCM During Summer

The Five Element Theory serves as a major diagnostic and treatment tool in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is based on the observation of the natural cycles and interrelationships in the environment and within ourselves. For example, there are five environmental elements – Fire, Earth, Metal,...


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