Sandra Chiu, Pacific College Alum, Featured by Mindbodygreen

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March 17, 2023

Sandra Chiu, LAc, MSTCM, Pacific College alumna and founder of Lanshin, was recently featured by Mindbodygreen in an episode of the podcast Clean Beauty School and an accompanying article. The podcast episode, “The problem with gua sha ‘hacks'”, hosted by Alexandra Engler, Mindbodygreen’s Beauty Director, discusses what the beauty industry is getting wrong about circulation in the skin and Chinese medicine modalities, covering topics from stress responses and collagen loss to lymphatic drainage and cica cream. In the article, Chiu discusses her own skin care routine.

“So often in beauty we talk about collagen, elastin, skin cell turnover, and those are all important things to talk about because they are part of the skin function and structure. But what Chinese medicine also says is that we need to talk about circulation—because circulation is what feeds all of that,” said Chiu. “In fact, it goes back to the very basic principle in Chinese medicine, which is that circulation is everything.”

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