Roxanne Nichols, Earning a Doctorate to Follow Her Dreams

Roxanne Elizabeth

“I was four months into opening my acupuncture practice when the pandemic struck. Business abruptly came to a halt and I was faced with some heavy decisions. With what courage I could muster, I took some big risks. I moved my practice to a much larger space in a more central location, upgraded everything and overhauled my business model. I invested everything into my dream. While business remained shaky, I made an even crazier decision and enrolled in a doctorate program. Never did I think any of these decisions would have come so soon – if ever – and today I’m both proud and humbled to announce that I am officially a Doctor of Acupuncture (DAc) and my private practice is growing and providing the deepest career satisfaction I could have ever imagined. Keep following your dreams, my friends. Sometimes the scariest things pay off in the biggest ways.” – Roxanne Nichols

We’re so proud of Roxanne’s pursuit of higher education and growth in her field, especially during these times of uncertainty. She’s an inspiration to grads and students alike!

If you’re interested in transitioning your master’s in acupuncture and Chinese medicine into a doctorate, check out our 100% online program!

You can learn more about Roxanne’s business here – @blissbodybalance & @roxvamp

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