“I Needed this Degree to Succeed”: Jessica Gerber on the Transitional Doctorate

A photo of Jessica Gerber.

Dr. Jessica Gerber, DAc, MS, LAc: “Admittedly, my original motivation for the t-DAc was the title ‘Doctor’; however, after one semester, it became evident that I needed this degree to succeed in my career. I had been highly functioning as a researcher and clinical acupuncturist for almost 10 years prior to enrolling in the tDAc at Pacific College of Health and Science, but this degree enabled me to up my game. I was able to tailor the subject matter of most assignments to the Memory, Aging, and Caretaker population, which made the focus of this program extremely relevant to the acupuncture research I am now proposing for NIH-NCCIH funding. I came in with a working knowledge of integrative research in a healthcare system, but as a result of this program I was able to bridge the gap between my original Master’s in acupuncture and the allopathic hospital setting. I completed the program in a year, while still working full-time as a Research Program Manager with a small private clinic, and the price of tuition was just right. My biggest take away: the academic rigor of the program provided me with a sense of legitimacy that I felt I was missing—with or without the title ‘Dr.’! On a daily basis I was able to apply what I learned in the t-DAc to my current responsibilities as a researcher, and that in turn boosted my confidence and enthusiasm for my career path and this profession! I absolutely recommend the t-DAc at Pacific College of Health and Science!”


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