Kimberly Peirano, Taking a Step Up with the Transitional Doctorate

Dr. Kimberly Peirano, DACM: “The Pacific College tDACM program has been much more than I had hoped for in many ways. I initially joined the program because I wanted to feel like I was taking a step up in the field and the medical system, as well as to help instill more confidence in myself as a practitioner.  This program certainly achieved those goals, and helped motivate me to expand my practice and think outside the private practice box for ways I can be more involved in the field of complimentary alternative medicine.  Since beginning the program I have had two publications of an article I wrote in the Practice Building course and my practice has seen growth as well. Overall, it’s been a great experience, and I look forward to seeing how the title of ‘Dr.’ helps to better integrate our field within the traditional medical system.”

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