Journey to the Transitional Doctorate: Caroline Wilkerson

A photo of Caroline Wilkerson

Dr. Caroline Wilkerson, DACM, LAc: “I had no idea, when I first started the DACM program at Pacific College of Health and Science, that it would be so very instrumental to launching me forward in my career. Like many acupuncturists, I didn’t think that having the doctorate would do anything more for me than get me the title of “Doctor”. Going through the program, I was continually challenged to get outside of my comfort zone. The curriculum’s focus truly raised my level of professionalism and gave me the confidence and evidence to hold my own in discussions with other medical professions and skeptics. I recently applied and was selected for a job at the local VA hospital. During my interview, I was very prepared for the panel’s questions and could quickly reference research to support my opinions because of articles that I had recently read as part of my coursework. I was even assigned a higher than standard pay grade because of my higher level of education and unique specialty in treating low vision disorders. The education that I earned at Pacific College gave me the boost I needed to achieve my goal of being a vet treating vets.”

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