Marine Biology to Acupuncture to the Transitional Doctorate: Sally’s Story

A photo of Sarah (Sally) Monaghan

Sarah (Sally) Monaghan:

The doctoral program at Pacific College of Health and Science is the only program I’ve found with an integrated medicine concentration. Since I was originally a marine biologist before becoming an acupuncturist, I’ve always been interested in combining Western and Eastern medicines. The program teaches you how to communicate with Western practitioners and how to write and understand scientific papers. I was very impressed by all my teachers at Pacific College. Most had experience in Western medicine and/or research and were more than willing to share their knowledge and to be as helpful as possible.

I highly recommend this program. Since I have a busy practice with two offices, the flexibility of the schedule was of utmost importance to me. There was never a time that I was unable to register for the classes that I needed.  Although it has been less than a year since I graduated, I feel that I am receiving greater interest and respect from Western practitioners. Many of my new patients have told me that my education level was a deciding factor in which acupuncturist they chose.

Receiving my doctorate was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. For a number of years I have researched many programs to find just the right fit and Pacific College fulfilled that dream.”

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