Leon Kenin, Full-Time Transitional Doctorate Student and Parent

A photo of Aaron Leon Kenin

Dr. Leon Kenin, DACM: “I’ve been a practicing licensed acupuncturist in Oakland, CA since 2008. I completed Pacific College’s online t-DACM program in April of 2019. I attended the program as a full-time student for two terms while working and co-parenting five children. While I had taken continuing education classes online before, I had never attended a degree program online, and I was not sure that I would be able to engage with the teachers and other students and the material in as fulfilling a way as I was able as an undergraduate and master’s degree student. Happily, it turned out I was. The variety of backgrounds, educationally, professionally and personally, of both the teachers and the other students, and the experiences they were able to share in class discussions, ended up being as important to my positive experience in this program as the curriculum itself. The online classroom format with lectures, class discussions, and break-out groups allowed for full interaction. For me, the most important aspect of this program was its focus on helping us as individuals and as a profession to gain the tools and skills necessary to both advance ourselves professionally and to improve the standing of Chinese medicine within the broader healthcare context. The multiple sections of each class offered and the ability to take a term break also allowed me to tailor my schedule to fit my life. I recommend the Pacific College t-DCAM program to any acupuncturist who wants to earn a doctorate, build himself or herself up professionally, and expand his or her knowledge of how our profession can better interface with the overall healthcare system.”

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