Earning a Transitional Doctorate and Continuing to Practice in Hawaii with Mariya Gold

Professional Headshot of Mariya Gold, Acupuncturist based in Kailua, Hawaii

Mariya Gold, LAc, DACM: “The t-DACM program at Pacific College of Health and Science (PCHS) has allowed me to continue my clinical practice while working toward my doctorate, all while living in Hawaii. The program has provided me the tools for and highlighted the importance of evidence-based research and applying it into my practice. It has improved my communication skills with other medical practitioners, which has grown my referral base. I have gained more integrative knowledge on the treatment of a wide variety of conditions, through shared experiences from both professors and other t-DACM colleagues. I am grateful to PCHS and its incredibly knowledgeable and experienced pool of instructors, in addition to the numerous class times available—making it possible to live in Hawaii and still partake in classes at a reasonable hour, and to my fellow t-DACM colleagues for being open to share their knowledge and experience, whether newly graduated with a master’s degree or having been in practice for 30+ years.”

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