The Transitional Doctorate: Improving the Public Health with Sunjae Kim

A headshot of Sunjae Kim

I graduated a year after I started the t-DACM program. I started studying by working full-time, but I think the t-DACM program was more applicable when working. First of all, it is amazing that I have a habit of looking for various articles for effective treatments. This habit is very powerful in that I provide evidence-based explanations when treating patients. I was not sure if I needed this study, so I hesitated to start studying at first, but as I studied, I could understand the necessity and importance of translating and explaining Chinese medicine to patients and other healthcare providers, especially why it is important to communicate effectively with people. This is a good approach to appeal to the professionalism of acupuncture. In addition, the public health classes I’m most interested in personally helped me to have a deep understanding of public health. I have a goal to return to Mongolia in five years and work for Mongolia, especially in the Ministry of Health. This doctorate program and public health class have greatly helped me build my career and made more preparations to qualify for helping developing countries.

Dr. Sunjae Kim, DACM, LAc

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