3 Credits

To develop their health education skills, students identify important health resources in their communities. They become familiar with essential concepts and agencies, as well as ethical issues in public health education. They apply their evidence-informed practice skills to access health-related information and write health-related articles suitable for publication to varying demographics.

As a result of this series of courses, students will be able to articulate their personal philosophy of health, human performance, and health education. They will also develop a plan for career development and networking activities.

To assist in their career development, the course also addresses marketing and financial management skills that are applicable to both the coach, and clients who need financial training and assistance.

In each of these four courses, students develop coaching skills through instruction, role play, self-evaluation, and peer review. Additionally, they study, analyze, compare and contrast the habits and achievements of highly successful individuals across a wide spectrum of endeavors to discover the common threads of excellence.

Why this course?

This course takes students from one-on-one and group coaching to mass distribution of health and performance knowledge. Developing this skill broadens employment opportunities. Financial and marketing training provides students with a launching pad to their new careers, while also providing information they can share with clients with financial challenges.