3 Credits

This course presents tools for self-discovery and techniques for personal growth applicable to both coach and client: self-assessment, mindfulness, meditation, exercise, journaling, self-reflection, breathing, and more. Students choose one or more to practice, and document the journey of wellness as a way of life.

This course also presents the key dynamics of the coach-client relationship. Students learn to mobilize the internal strengths of their clients as well as to offer external resources that facilitate achievement of goals.

Why this course?

Becoming a professional health and human performance coach requires more than reading and writing. A coach that engenders the trust and confidence of clients will possess an objective understanding of their own skills, challenges, successes, and yet to be realized goals. In this course, students will apply many tools to acquire such understanding. They will experience their own personal growth journey in order to have empathy for others on that path. They will acquire the first tools necessary to create performance solutions for their clients and, with some effort, the wisdom necessary to be successful health and human performance coaches.