3 Credits

Students may be awarded up to three units of elective credit by taking an approved health coaching or personal training programs from such institutions as the CHEK Institute, Egoscue Institute, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Health Coaching Institute, Human Potential Institute, KionU or similar Pacificapproved institutions. Programs approved by Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE) or the International Coach Federation (ICF) may also qualify. In addition to completing such a program, students will compare and contrast it with Pacific’s coaching model. Additional electives will be developed based on the needs of clients and the interests of faculty and students.

Why this course?

Pacific’s graduates will be unrestricted by a single school of thought or method of coaching. One elective path may include the study of a variety of coaching and fitness programs, while another may include independent study in educational effectiveness, performance technology, or integrative pain management. Students may also choose to do advanced study in subjects from the core curriculum: nutrition, performance physiology or psychology, or Chinese medicine. These electives put the finishing touches on the student’s personal philosophy and approach to coaching, health, and human performance.