3 Credits

Chinese medicine has a long history of techniques that improve health and extend the healthy lifespan. This course introduces concepts, methods, and therapies from Chinese medicine that are applicable to coaching, wellness, longevity, and peak performance. It presents historical and modern figures who evidence the results possible from energetic practices (e.g., qi gong, meditation, etc.). Particular attention is paid to the traditional Chinese understanding of the causes and prevention of disease, and the preservation of one’s inherited constitution through diet and lifestyle. Students will study the correlations between traditional Chinese and modern Western physiology.

Why this course?

For over thirty years, Pacific College has trained practitioners of Chinese medicine. The study of holistic medical paradigms deepens students’ knowledge of personal, social, and environmental influences on human behavior. Students gain not only a better understanding of their clients, but of themselves, as well. Chinese medicine provides students a fascinating and useful tool chest of self-discovery and personal growth techniques.