Library News & Awards

Library News & Awards

Naomi C. Broering Hispanic Heritage Award/Grant

On May 18, 2015, Naomi C. Broering, PCOM’s Dean of Libraries, received the Medical Library Association’s (MLA) first Hispanic heritage award at the annual MLA conference in Austin, Texas. Named the Naomi C. Broering Hispanic Heritage Award, the award honors and recognizes her past accomplishments in medical librarianship and library informatics. Naomi has a long interest in medical informatics and knowledge management, having been the first recipient of the National Library of Medicine’s Integrated Advanced Information Management Systems grant to integrate information.

Our Bodies, Our Lives: Health Education for Living with HIV/AIDS

On October 9, 2010, Pacific College San Diego held a Conference on HIV and AIDS health education and awareness at the Manchester Grand Hyatt. It was made possible by a National Library of Medicine (NLM) Award for 2009-2011 to reach the San Diego community with a series of local workshops to offer health information resources from NLM. Hosted by Naomi Broering and Gregory Chauncey from PCOM Library, the conference speakers also included David Nash (NLM), Terry Cunningham (Chief of STD/HIV Branch for Public Health Services, San Diego County), and Thomas Kouo, DAOM, LAc (PCOM Alum). Offering a new approach to those who need HIV information, the sessions increased awareness of free, reliable, online resources, including the NLM/NIH's), MedlinePlus, PubMed, and NIH AIDS Info System.

Click below to view these presentations on YouTube:
David Nash, National Library of Medicine
Terry Cunningham, Chief of STD/HIV Branch for Public Health Services, San Diego County
Thomas Kouo, L.Ac., PCOM Alum
NIH AIDS Info System by Naomi Broering
MedlinePlus by Gregory Chauncey

NCLIS California, PCOM Library, Award winner in national top 10

The United States National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS) named the California winner of the 2006 NCLIS Health Information Awards for Libraries: the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine Library (PCOML) in San Diego. The PCOM Library was also one of 10 National finalists.

Senior Health Information Needs in San Diego

PCOM Library won the award in California for offering the first San Diego library outreach program to address health information needs of over 50,000 Seniors in the San Diego area. Many are new culturally diverse San Diegans of Hispanic, African American, Asian, and Eastern European backgrounds. They are also low-income and cannot typically access the quality health information they need for preventing disease, and coping with health problems. The PCOM Library's programs help eliminate barriers for at risk San Diego seniors. PCOML's award-winning project is a model consumer-health outreach program in partnership with five local San Diego clinics, senior centers, and libraries that enable seniors to electronically access reliable, accurate and authoritative health information.

Sample topics the program covers are: home health care options, patient education information, and healthy lifestyles.

In receiving the award at NLM, Naomi Cordero Broering, PCOM Dean of Libraries said: "I am thrilled that PCOM's consumer health information outreach program, launched only two years ago, received national recognition. The NCLIS award of $1,000 will be used to support our service a while longer until we can find additional funding. We hope to parlay this recognition to create a Center for Health Information Service at the library."


The NCLIS awards honor library programs that address one or more of the following: dietary choices; exercise; smoking cessation; alcohol and/or drug abuse prevention or cessation; immunizations and health screenings; and improved health literacy, that is, the ability to understand and make use of health information. In each state, a panel of judges selected winners based on how well that state's program encourages lifestyle improvement among the target population, the program's adaptability, collaboration with local organizations, and outreach success to people with low-information literacy skills.

For more information about PCOM Lib contact Naomi C. Broering, Dean of Libraries of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, at 619-574-6909 or email [email protected].

There are Exciting New Services this year:

  1. Health Information Literacy Workshops and instructions on library use are offered at the San Diego Library as follows:

    Basic Library Instruction - A Tutorial which covers use of the new On-line Catalog and Navigating the Library Website. Students learn how to find and locate library books, journals, videos, audiotapes and special research papers through computers and via the Internet from home. An instructional brochure is also available.

    Database Instruction - Two Tutorials: These ½ hour sessions include MedlinePlus and PUB MED workshops. Students learn how to search for information from the National Library of Medicine's authoritative databases. Instructional brochures are also available.

    E-Resources, EBooks, Online Journals and Mobile Devices- The workshops cover access to multiple resources, use of Mobile Devices and Apps. Click Online Tutorials.

    How to Register? - Sign-up at the library front desk. Instruction is scheduled two times per week for small groups, usually during the noon hour.

    For Self-Study Orientation - Copies of "How to Use the PCOM Library" are available at the Library's front desk.
  2. Interlibrary Loans/Document Delivery Services - The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine Library is a member of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) and is part of the DOCLINE interlibrary loan system through the National Library of Medicine (NLM) at the NIH. This service agreement enables the PCOM library to provide our users with journal articles from citations in Pub Med and other sources that are not in the PCOM library collection. The Library accepts ILL requests of materials not available here for students, faculty and staff affiliated with PCOM. The NN/LM lending library fees range between $11 to $15 per journal article or book. Loansome Doc capabilities can be made for PCOM faculty and alumni upon request. PCOM ILL services are available to other libraries or users for the NLM fee. Requests may be made by email, fax or DOCLINE (CAUJKV). FAX and RUSH services are available. Payment is through EFTS. To view the PCOM holdings list, click JOURNALS on the left side bar.

  3. New Book Lists are available at the front desk and in the quarterly Newsletter.


Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM) Library in San Diego receives NCLIS award

The PCOM Library was one of the top ten finalists for the 2006 National Commission on Libraries and Information Sciences (NCLIS) Health Information Award. The award was presented at the National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, MD on May 3, 2006. Presenting the award to Naomi C. Broering, were E. James Hill, MD, President of the American Medical Association; Mitzi Perdue, NCLIS Commissioner; and Beth Fitzsimmons, NCLIS Chair and Commission. Donald A.B. Lindbergh, Director of the NLM, was a keynote speaker and attended the awards ceremony.

In receiving the award, Naomi recognized the entire PCOM team including Gregory A. Chauncey pictured in the two attached photos, who participated in the Senior Health Outreach Project from 2004 to 2006. Three college interns assisted in the computer workshops conducted at the San Diego partnership sites. She said, "We are thrilled and delighted with the beautiful plaque and the $1,000 award which helped us extend the program another month." The $1,000 award was granted to the PCOM Library to support its ongoing consumer health outreach program. A project poster and abstract was presented at the 2006 MLA annual meeting in Phoenix, AZ and at the MLGSCA meeting in Long Beach in 2005.

The winning PCOM submission is below.


California: Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
Director: Naomi Broering

In 2004, the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine Library (PCOM) developed a model consumer health outreach program in partnership with five local San Diego clinics, senior centers and libraries to enable senior/older adults to access electronic health information. The program is ongoing. The purpose of the program was to improve the lives of the community seniors/adults, to promote healthy lifestyles by teaching access to reliable, accurate and authoritative health information and to improve home health care by providing sources for patient education information. The East-West Integrative Medicine approach of this program is unique because it utilizes both scopes of medical knowledge. The partners include:

  • First Lutheran Church, 3rd St Charitable Organization free senior clinic
  • Florence Riford Senior Center
  • Clairemont Friendship Community Center
  • San Diego Public Library Taylor Pacific Beach Branch
  • San Diego Public Library Riford La Jolla Branch

The major objectives included teaching free health information computer classes at the partner sites and reach 2,500 people; implementing technical services including wireless networking, a Library Web page, and instructional materials, tutorials and training brochures; and providing free access to the Library's Web-based information links, full text and print materials.

The Library developed a consumer health collection and designed a webpage with Health Databases (MedlinePlus, Pub Med, NIH NCCAM, and DHHS systems), Senior Health section, Nutrition links and other authoritative health related links.

Health Database

The Library emphasized hands-on computer classes and community health information presentations, because this is the area of the greatest need. Attendees were taught to access health information using MedlinePlus and other NIH databases in English and Spanish, including prescriptions drugs, various health diseases and conditions, diet (nutrition), finding physicians, Medicare, health organizations and hospitals.

The program was highly successful. Over 3,300 seniors/adults attended the Health Information Literacy sessions and over 425 participated in the hands-on computer classes. MedlinePlus en español and the new MedlinePlus/Drug Information Herbs & Supplements were heavily used.

Pacific College Library Special Project Awards

2013-2014 "Big Bang Health Information Literacy: Outreach to Diverse Populations for Future Success." National Network of Libraries of Medicine. PSRML, NNLM #5415-P-QA 005 Award amount $9,000.

2012-2013 "HIV/AIDS Education, Information, Awareness and Social Media." HIV/AIDS Community Outreach Project 2012-13. National Library of Medicine, Special Information Service, #HHSN276201200563P, NLM, Award amount $40,000.

2012-2013 "Sharing Disaster Heath Information," Disaster Health Information Outreach and Collaboration Project. National Library of Medicine, Special Information Service, #HHSN2762012200665P, NLM, Award amount $30,000.

2012-2013 "Community Mini conferences on Disaster/Emergency Preparedness Health Information". National Network of Libraries of Medicine. PSRML, NNLM #5415-P-QA 005 # Award amount $11,086.

2011 "Ongoing Technology Upgrade of the Library at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine –New York." National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Mid Atlantic Region. Award amount $7,437.

2009-2011 "Reaching Out with Networks and Conferences :HIV/AIDS Education and Information Awareness." San Diego. An AIDS Information Community Outreach Program. National Library of Medicine, Special Information Service #HHSN 276200900806P, Award amount $59,999.

2009-2011 "Promoting Web Access to Health Information Throughout San Diego."National Network of Libraries of Medicine. PSRML, NNLM #5415-S-MA748 Award amount $40,000.

2009 Medical Library Association Research and Demonstration Award "Digital Preservation Pilot Project: Conversion of Audiotapes to CD Format" presented to Naomi C. Broering MLS, MA, FACMI, Dean of Libraries, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, at MLA Annual Conference, May 2009. $1,000.

2008-2010 "San Diego HIV/ AIDS Health Information Literacy Service," an AIDS Community Information Outreach Program. National Library of Medicine, Special Information Service # HHSN2762008800514P, Award amount $59,995.

2008 "Improving the Library's Access Services" a Technology Improvement Award,, # TECH 508 from the NLM, National Network of Libraries2007 Computer Equipment for Library Research Instruction, the NLM National Network of Libraries of Medicine, MidAtlantic Region, New York Campus Library. Award amount $1,000.

2008-2009 Empowering the Community with Health Literacy, National Network of Libraries of Medicine, NLM #5415-S-JC037 Award amount $6,000

2008 American Library Association, Selected to Present Poster on Library Project "Bring Health Information to their Fingertips: Empowering the Community"

2006-2007 Health Information Literacy Outreach Community Service, National Network of Libraries of Medicine, NLM number 5415 S HB876. Award amount $6,000.

NCLIS 2006 Health Award, Top Ten of Nation's Libraries in Outreach Services awarded in Washington DC, to the library of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Plaque and photos in Library lobby California State Library Health Award 2006 to the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Top Library in State of California for Outreach Services. Award amount $1,000

2005-2006 Consumer Health Information Community Service, National Network of Libraries of Medicine, NLM number 5415 GFB715 amount $6,000

2004- 2006 Senior Health Project: Electronic Access to Health Information, National Network of Libraries of Medicine, NLM award number 5415 G FB342 amount $40,000

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