Taylor, Kimberly, LAc

Kimberley Taylor, LAc is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist with international experience in the field of integrative medicine. While living in Italy, she worked with medical doctors and developed an integrative cancer program, incorporating acupuncture, Chinese herbs and relaxation techniques to alleviate many of the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Prior to that she went to China, where she completed a rotation in an integrative OBGYN hospital with a prominent herbalist, and gained valuable experience in developing integrated treatment plans. Kim graduated from UC San Diego with a degree in Biological Anthropology, and worked as a Wildlife Biologist for 10 years. She then completed her graduate work in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Pacific College of Health and Science, in San Diego, California. Through her involvement with integrative medicine for the last 7 years, she has also worked in the biotechnology field as a cancer researcher, and as a clinical trials coordinator, managing studies in new cancer treatments. Currently, Kim is extremely interested in contributing to the growing body of CAM research, and hopes to team up with other professionals committed to furthering efficacy in complementary medicine. Currently Kim is in private practice in Encinitas where she works side by side with medical doctors.

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