Kristen is a well-seasoned psychiatric-mental health clinical nurse with over 40 years of nursing experience. In higher education, she has been an assistant professor in RN-BSN, BSN, and ASN programs, a MSN nursing faculty preceptor, and an advisor. Kristen’s areas of expertise, in addition to relationship-centered care, have been innovations in leadership, reflective practice, gero-psychiatric nursing, holistic/integrative care, and circle practice. In addition to higher education, she has worked in large and small hospital systems, nursing homes, residential settings, home care, and private practice. She has also worked through mergers, strikes, COVID-19, and the perpetual nursing shortage. Kristen’s current holistic practice is about keeping healthcare professionals connected with the meaning of their work by designing innovative ways to learn and practice person-centered care, translating research into practice, and cultivating healthy work environments.

Kristen has been a pioneer, a spirited and innovative thought leader in the fields of relationship centered care, circle practice and integrative care. She excels at guiding individuals and communities toward authentic, compassionate and positive leadership at all levels within an organization. Kristen models, facilitates and inspires individuals to transform their healthcare cultures into places where they can thrive personally, become stronger team members who therefore, together, deliver exceptional, safe and quality patient & family experiences. Her work inspires stronger relationships with self and others, improved relational competence, enhanced communication, deeper trust, resilience, authentic connection and joy! Sometimes all at once!  Kristen is an energetic and effective collaborator committed to developing agile, caring, and insightful leaders and teams.

Kristen lives in southern CA and loves it! She is looking to find the right choral group to join, as singing is part of her spiritual practice.

PhD (Nursing Science): Indiana University-Purdue University (IUPUI)

MSN (Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing): University of Virginia

BSN: Syracuse University

Circle Carrier of The Circle Way

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Instructor

Certified Daring Way Facilitator

Certified Healing Touch Practitioner

Reiki Master

Meditation practitioner for 20 years

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