A headshot of Carla Gaskins-Nathan, LMT


Carla is the founder and CEO of Zelah and Rooted Bodywork. Carla is a consultant, educator, and healing artist that believes true holistic wellness must be rooted in healing, social and racial justice. Carla says “I found massage when I was a youth worker, community organizer and DJ/VJ.  Providing direct services at various nonprofits for a decade took a toll on my mind and body. Stressed and overworked, massage was just what I needed to relax, relieve stress and reduce pain. Through the use of massage, acupuncture and energy work, I was able to improve my quality of life. ​I understand many of the barriers that are often faced to access quality wellness services.  Race, gender identity, weight, ability, age, illness, body modification and more can affect the ability to receive much needed self-care and healthcare.  While further exploring self-care I decided to pursue a career as a massage therapist. I knew I wanted to make space, provide services and trainings that better are for everyBody.”

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