Cronin, Christine, DAOM, LAc, DiplOM

Prior to attending Pacific College of Oriental Medicine – San Diego (PCOM-SD), Dr. Cronin earned degrees in History, Political Science and Psychology as well as served in the Marine Corps. After serving in the Marine Corps, she discovered her passion to help others by treating the whole person, which led to her decision to attend PCOM-SD. Immediately after completing her MSTOM, she began her doctoral work where she evaluated the ability of the NADA protocol to treat Combat Stress Induced Insomnia. Dr. Cronin completed the DAOM in 2012 and her work was published in The Journal of Chinese Medicine in October 2013.

Dr. Cronin started the Veterans Clinic in September 2013 and co-supervised the clinic with her mentor Dr. Erin Raskin and Hind Conner until January 2019. As of December 2018, Veterans Clinic has provided over 5400 treatment thus far. She currently teaches Acupuncture Channels and Points 1 and 4, Biomedical Pathology and serves as Curriculum and Program Review chair. Dr. Cronin is also a board member of the American Society of Acupuncturists. Additionally, Dr. Cronin served as lead faculty for the t-DACM program, chairperson for the Institutional Review Board at PCOM, clinic supervisor for both the Family Recovery Center and Seniors Clinic.

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