Chang, Lily, LAc, DAOM

Lily (Xuan) Chang, after 5 years medical training from Liaoning TCM College in China began her Journey in TCM field with research of stroke factors for elderly at Shenyang TCM institute since 1983. She practiced Chinese medicine in both Shenyang and Changzhou TCM hospital before coming to the USA. After working at the University of Pittsburgh as a visiting scientist, she worked for DuPont Merck Pharmaceuticals and La Jolla Cancer Research Foundation and finally landed in San Diego in 1997. She joined PCOM as a teacher of Chinese medical terminology and became a Clinic Supervisor from 1999. In addition to her research at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, she is currently finishing up the study of 350 Chinese herbs on herbal-drug interaction towards her DAOM degrees. She also maintains a private clinic and treats a wide array of disorders in Sorrento Valley.

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