Admissions Guide

Admissions Guide

Students may be admitted at the beginning of each term, however, applications are accepted continually throughout the year. Prospective applicants are encouraged to apply for admission well in advance of the beginning of classes because class size is limited. Students needing financial aid are encouraged to apply at least 90 days prior to the start of the term.

1. To apply for Admission to Pacific College an applicant should send the following to the Office of Admissions at the branch they wish to attend

  1. A completed Pacific College Application Form (Online or by Mail)
  2. Application fee ($50; $100 for International Students)
  3. One current, full-face, passport-size photo for student file (may be taken later, on campus.)
  4. Letter(s) of reference from persons familiar with the applicant's academic abilities, maturity, and integrity [DAOM - 1 letter; Master & Bachelor - 2 letters; not required for the other massage degrees and certificate programs.]
  5. Personal Statement: (Required for DAOM, Master, and Bachelor programs only)
    Directives for the "Personal Statement" (can be emailed to Admissions)
    The nature and demands of the Oriental medical/holistic health profession require personal attributes and motivation which complement intellectual abilities. To enable us to evaluate these qualities, please address the following topics:
    • Describe what you think makes you a good candidate to become an Oriental medicine/holistic health/massage practitioner.
    • Discuss experiences you have had and how these experiences and your values could make a contribution to your own and your patients' healthcare.
    • As this education is also a process of self exploration, identify some ways you hope to develop personally on your journey to becoming a healer and how you envision that process.
    • The statement should be typed on 8.5" x 11' paper, double spaced. For the Massage Therapy and Associate programs it should be 1-2 pages in length; application process for Master's and Bachelor's programs requires 2-3 pages in length.

Other Important Application Information Required:

  1. Applicants to the Massage certificates or Associate degrees are required to provide the college with an official high school transcript, a certified copy of a high school diploma or GED certificate, or results of a state certified completion of a high school equivalency exam, as well as a transcript of the coursework completed while attending high school. Proof of a previously earned, accredited Associate degree acceptable for full credit to a bachelor degree program or higher is also acceptable for admission to these programs. If possible, these should be mailed directly to the college.
  2. Official transcripts from all colleges and massage programs should be sent directly to Pacific College from the institution. If applicable, please have the Records Department of your college send the password to retrieve an E-transcript from a college website to the Registrar of Pacific College.
  3. International documents in a non-English language require an accompanying, original, certified translation into English, including year-to-year records of each college or university attended. Indicate the number of lecture and laboratory hours or units devoted to each course as well as grades received. Include copies of official documents indicating the award of degrees with the title and date conferred.
  4. If you attended an international school, an academic evaluation of international transcripts/documents in terms of American accredited equivalency must be sent to Pacific. Contact Pacific's admissions representatives for names and addresses of agencies that perform this evaluation.

For quicker processing of your application while the college awaits official transcripts, you may send unofficial copies of your transcripts with your Application Form.

2. The Admissions Interview

An admissions interview is required of all applicants seeking first-time admission, re-admission, or admission with advanced standing (transfer from another school). Interviews will be scheduled with a member of the Admissions Committee. Applicants may make an appointment for the admissions interview after the completed application has been received and reviewed.

3. Notification of Decision

The Admissions Committee makes all acceptance decisions. Each applicant is given notification in writing of full acceptance, conditional acceptance, extension status, placement on a waiting list, or rejection normally within 30 days of the interview and receipt of a completed application.

4. Admissions Deposit

An applicant who is offered admission to Pacific and wishes to accept this offer must send a deposit (see Tuition and Fees) within 30 days of acceptance or immediately, if the term begins within 30 days. If the deposit is not received within the specified time, the applicant's place may be offered to another applicant. The admission deposit is applied to the first term's tuition and is refundable if the student does not attend Pacific.

5. Orientation

Orientation of new students is conducted by the staff and faculty at the beginning of each term. Orientation dates and times are relayed to applicants through the Admissions Department upon acceptance to the college.  All beginning students must attend this Orientation. If a student misses the Orientation, he or she must notify their admissions representative immediately.  You can also view Orientation dates and times on our Academic Calendar.

Students are required to be familiar with all rules and regulations set forth in the College Catalog Parts 1 & 2, the Student Financial Aid Bulletin, Clinic Manuals, and PCOM Update notices and memos posted on the college bulletin board or distributed in the Student Communication files or by Pacific College email.