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Online Application for Admission

Please note that you will require at least 10-15 minutes to fill this form. You will not be able to save your work and come back at a later date to complete where you left off. You will need to start a new application at that time.

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1. Select the campus you wish to attend:
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2. Applying for program:
San Diego
Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM)
Master of Science (Traditional Oriental Medicine)
Bachelor of Health Science (Asian Holistic Health and Massage)
Associate of Science(Massage Therapist/Asian Bodywork Certificate)
Associate of Applied Science (Holistic Health Science)
Massage Therapist/Asian Bodywork Certificate
Public Education
Non-Matriculated Student
New York
Bachelor of Professional Studies/Master of Science in Oriental Medicine
Bachelor of Professional Studies/Master of Science in Acupuncture
Bachelor of Professional Studies  (Asian Holistic Health and Massage)
Associate of Occupational Studies (Massage Therapies)
Bachelor's - Holistic Nursing
Certificate in Herbal Medicine for L.Ac. Practitioners
Public Education
Non-Matriculated Student
Master of Science Traditional Oriental Medicine, MSTOM
Bachelor of Science in Asian Holistic Health and Massage, BS
Associate of Science (Massage Therapy/Asian Bodywork), AS
Associate of Applied Science in Massage Therapies, AAS
Massage Therapy/Asian Bodywork Certificate
Public Education
Non-Matriculated Student
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3. Personal Information:
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4. If you are a US Citizen, please select "Not applicable"
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Are you planning to apply for a student (F-1 or M-1) visa?
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b) My financial sponsor is (include name and relationship):
c) Will you be bringing your spouse and/or children?
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  If yes, please write the first and last name, date of birth, country of birth and relationship of each dependant in the box below:
d) Were you enrolled in another U.S. College/School within 5 months of enrollment at Pacific College?
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If you are not going to apply for a US Visa, please check the appropriate box below:
US Citizen Permanent Resident Refugee Other non-immigrant status (please identify) Other
Have you applied previously to Pacific College?
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If yes, what year:
6. Prior Education:
Highest level of education completed:
GED HS HS+ 60+ Credits AS AAS AOS 90+ Credits BA BS BFA MA MS Prof. Doc.  
Please chronologically list your high school and all colleges and universities attended:
High School Info. is required
*High School: College1:
Name of Institution:
Degree/Diploma or # of Credits*:
  College2: College3:
Name of Institution:
Degree/Diploma or # of Credits*:
DAOM Applicants Only:
English (1st) English (2nd) Chinese (read) Chinese (speak) Other
Yes No
  If Yes, state(s) licensed in and years in practice
  Write down additional College's in the same format as above
  *Please indicate whether quarter units, trimester units, or semester units
7. Personal Statement:

Directives for the "Personal Statement"
(can be emailed to your admissions representative in pdf format)

Master and Bachelor Degree Applicants: (1-2 pages)
Please type your statement on 8.5” x 11” paper, double-spaced, and submit via mail OR save in PDF format and email it to your admissions representative.

TOPIC: The nature and demands of the Oriental medical/holistic health profession require personal attributes and motivation, which complement intellectual abilities. Please address the following topics:

  1. Describe what you think makes you a good candidate to become an Oriental medicine practitioner.
  2. Discuss experiences you have had and how these experiences and your values could make a contribution to your own and your patients’ healthcare.
  3. As this education is also a process of self-exploration, identify some ways you hope to develop personally on your journey to becoming a healer and how you envision that process.

Associate and Massage Therapy Applicants: please write 2-3 sentences in the box provided below describing your reason(s) for pursuing this program.

8. In case of emergency, notify:
(eg. CA)
9. Plans to finance education:
Are you able to completely finance your own education (tuition, fees, living expenses, transportation, etc.)?
Yes No  
If no, please estimate the amount of supplementary funds you will need from grants, loans, scholarships or other personal sources during your enrollment at Pacific College:
Answer $:
What resources(s) will you use to fund your education?

Financial Aid VA Benefits Cash Other

10. Employment and volunteer service:
Please list all paid employment (full and part-time) and/or voluntary service for at least the last three years beginning with your most recent position:
From Month/Year
To Month/Year
Total months
Hours per wk
City & State
11. References:

Two Letters of reference from persons familiar with the applicants academic abilities, maturity, and integrity (Two references required only for Acupuncture program applicants).

First Referent (not required for PubEd and Non-matriculated programs):
First Name: Last Name: Email:
Write a short note to your referent (optional):

Second Referent (not required for AOS, AAS, PubEd and Non-matriculated programs):
First Name: Last Name: Email:
Write a short note to your referent (optional):

Under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, you have the right to review any information collected as part of your admissions application, including letters of reference. Most individuals you may ask for character references would prefer that their responses be kept confidential. Furthermore, the Admissions Committee at Pacific College gives greater weight to confidential responses where the prospective student waives the right to review such letters. Please indicate below if you would like to waive the right.

I waive my right to review any information provided by the referent for evaluation in support of my application to Pacific College.

12. Racial/Ethnic status (optional): Check one box only:
  Nonresident alien
American Indian or Alaska Native
Black or African American
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander
Two or more races
Race and ethnicity unknown
13. Other information:
Have you been convicted of a felony?
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T-shirt selection:
other names used; alias’s, maiden names, etc:
* How did you
hear about us:
If other, please specify:
I own a laptop computer: Yes No
I own a desktop computer: Yes No
14. Agreement Confirmation:
I hereby make Application for Admission to Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, and certify that all information given on this application is true.
*Check this Box if you agree with the above statement:

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An Admissions Representative will contact you soon after you submit this form. Please complete the following related items in the Application Check List below.

If there are any questions regarding the application process, contact the Admissions dept. to the campus you are applying.

San Diego:
New York:

San Diego:
7445 Mission Valley Road
Suite 105
San Diego, CA 92108

Phone: (619) 574-6909
Toll free: (800) 729-0941
Fax: (619) 574-6641

New York:
110 William Street
19th Floor
New York, NY, 10038

Phone: (212) 982-3456
Toll free: (800) 729-3468
Fax: (212) 982-6514

65 East Wacker Place
21st Floor
Chicago, IL 60601

Phone: (773) 477-4822
Toll free: (888) 729-4811
Fax: (773) 477-4109


Application Check List:

An application is complete when ALL of the following have been received or completed:


  • A completed Application Form.
  • An application fee ($50 US/ $100 International) (non-refundable). Click here to pay online
  • Proof of Immunization (NY only).
  • One passport-sized photograph.
  • Admissions interview.
  • TOEFL test of ability to read and write in English (If English is 2nd language).


  • A personal statement.
  • Official transcripts from all colleges attended, mailed directly to the college, e-transcripts accepted. Transcript Request Form
  • An academic evaluation of transcript (International schools).
  • Letters of reference. Request Reference Letter
  • Advanced Transfer Assessment Fee ($100) - students who attended another acupuncture school for at least one year.  (Credited to student account, if enroll)


  • A completed SmarterMeasure online assessment (SD only)
  • Official High School Transcript  (NY- All applicants; SD/CH: Prior earned degree official transcript ok)

Applicants will receive written instruction on how to complete this once the application is received.

I-20 APPLICANTS, in addition

  • An Affidavit of Financial Resources
  • Other required supportive documentation

Public Education and Non-Matriculated Students: please see your Admissions Representative for application guidelines.


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