Patients – Chicago

Patients – Chicago

Pacific College, Massage and Acupuncture Clinic

65 East Wacker Place
21st Floor
Chicago, IL 60601 

Phone: (773) 477-1900

Hours of Operation

Monday: 1:00pm-8:00pm
Tuesday: 9:00am-8:00pm
Wednesday: 9:00am-8:00pm
Thursday: 9:00am-4:00pm
Friday: 9:00am-4:00pm
Saturday-Sunday: Closed

Monday 4:45-8:00pm
Tuesday 4:45-8:00pm
Wednesday 4:45-8:00pm
Thursday-Sunday: Closed

Are you a new patient?
Please download and fill out this paperwork
to bring with you for your first appointment: 

Treatment Costs

Acupuncture by a Licensed Acupuncturist or Intern

Initial Visit with LAc: $47
Return Visit with LAc: $43
PCOM Student Rate with LAc: $28
Initial Visit with Intern: $42
Return Visit with Intern: $38
Discounted Rate with Intern*: $28
PCOM Staff, Faculty, and Student Rate with Intern: $15


Raw Herbs: $0.05/gram
Granule Herbs: $0.25/gram
Patent Herbs: prices vary

Questions about Chinese herbs? Herb FAQs

Massage by a Massage Intern (45 Minutes)  

Initial Visit with Intern: $42
Return Visit with Intern: $38
Discounted Rate with Intern*: $28
PCOM Staff, Faculty, and Student Rate with Intern: $15

Massage by a Licensed Massage Therapist  

60-Minute Massage Visit: $60

*Discounted rates for return visits are available for the following with appropriate proof:  
Seniors (over 60)  
Military (active/retired/dependent)  
College Students (with valid school picture ID)  
PCOM Family Members (includes parents, siblings, spouse, domestic partners, and children)  

Specialty Treatments

Licensed Practitioner Shifts (General Practice) with Anna Palucci, Christy Chiang, and Steve Bonzak
Wednesday, 1-4pm  |  Friday, 9am-12pm

Licensed Acupuncturists diagnosing and treating, assisted by groups of pre-internship student clinicians. The Practitioner Shifts offer patients diagnosis and treatment by licensed professionals, as well as the opportunity to help our student clinicians experience the work and world of the professional acupuncturist. These shifts are a good choice for people with complex health issues.

Japanese Acupuncture (Student Interns)
Friday 9am-12pm

The Japanese Acupuncture clinic shift offers patients a different experience than the most common Chinese styles. This style is uniquely gentle and non-invasive. It is particularly suited to those who are less comfortable with strong needle stimulus or are feeling fatigued, weakened, or sensitive. If needles make you anxious or simply want to try a different style of acupuncture, this may be the style for you!

Five Element Style Acupuncture
Tuesday (Student Interns), 5-8pm  |  Friday (Practitioners), 9am-12pm

Five Element Acupuncture seeks to find a patient's "Causative Factor" (CF), more commonly referred to as the patient's "Element". The Causative Factor is considered to be the primary root of all imbalances that a patient experiences, including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. Five Element Acupuncture also finds 'splits' and 'blocks' in the patient's energetic relationships according to Five-Element Theory. Diagnosis is made through Q&A sessions, observation, listening, smelling, and pulse palpation. Treatments may include needles, moxibustion, ion pumping chords, lifestyle insights, or a combination of these. Along with relief of symptoms, patients can experience a better sense of well-being, a knowledge of relationships between physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, and a sense of how they can take better control of their personal health overall.  

Muscle and Joint Pain Acupuncture
Thursday, 1-4pm

This shift focuses on musculoskeletal disorders, including sports injuries, back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, sprains and strains, arthritic pain, and a variety of other muscle and joint complaints and injuries.

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