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Teaching is a Healing Art

By Kiera Nagle, MA, LMT We all know the famous quote “to teach is to touch a life forever”, but we also know there is “good” touch and “bad” touch. When I set out upon my career as a teacher, it was not in the realm of touch therapy, massage, or healing arts, but I had been “touched” by many...

Alternative Medicine and Wellness Therapies Offered by Prestigious US Hospitals

Check out this comprehensive chart of the types of alternative medicine and wellness therapies offered by 15 of the most prestigious hospitals in the US. The industry, which generates nearly $40 billion per year, finds "a ready market in patients who are wary of conventional medicine — and eager to...

American College of Physicians Recommends Massage and Acupuncture for Low Back Pain

February 22, 2017 The American College of Physicians (ACP) has issued new guidelines for treating low back pain that recommend massage and acupuncture over drugs. Low back pain is the 5th most common reason for doctor visits by Americans, with about a quarter of all US adults reporting low back...

Self Care Tips for Massage Therapists: You Take Care of Others’ Pain, Be Sure to Prevent Your Own

Massage therapists are naturally nurturing, intuitive individuals. They dedicate their careers to helping others release pain and get their bodies back into balance. However, if a massage therapist doesn’t take great care to avoid it, they may be on a path toward the opposite effect on their own...


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