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마사지와 유아 복통을 완화

미셸 플레처, B.A.함으로써, http://michellefletcher.net

일부의 경우, 일정 우는 신생아의 정상 발생합니다 나타납니다. 그러나 그것은 무엇입니까? 복통은 약 3 ~ 4 개월 3 주 영아에서 가장 흔한보고 된 질환 중 하나입니다. 시간보다 더 오래 지속되는 울음 소리의 확장 기간은 질병의 상표이며, 공급 된 후이나 늦은 저녁 시간에 가장 자주 있습니다.

Colic stems from problems with the infant's immature digestive system. Trapped gas may cause the baby's stomach to become distended, resulting in pain, bloating, the inability to pass gas, and frequent crying or screaming. Luckily, stimulation of the digestive process through careful massage may help ease the pain and urge relief from colic.

A study printed in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics supported the effects of massage on colicky infants. The researchers claim that massage therapy stimulated melatonin secretion and rest-activity rhythms in full-term infants. "Massage therapy by mothers in the perinatal period serves as a strong time cue, enhancing coordination of the developing circadian system with environmental cues." In essence, massage helped relax infants and urge them to sleep, observing the natural circadian rhythms.

A Danish study further supports the claim that massage and reflexological treatments eased symptoms of colic in infants. The purpose of the study was to investigate and treat infants with colic by conventional medicine, followed by an investigation of the effect of reflexological treatment. "Infantile colic had a significant cure rate at pediatric consultation and the children who did not benefit from this intervention had a significantly better outcome after reflexological treatment than had the observation group."
The addition of massage to treatments in the study proved more effective than traditional medicine alone.

복통 유아 마사지는 간단하고 스트레스없는 것입니다. 시간을 몇 분, 아이를 달래 심한 복통의 증상을 완화하고, 부모와 자식 사이의 긴밀한 결합을 만들 수 있도록 충분하다.

The first step is called the paddlewheel. You may want to use a little massage oil or lotion on your hands before beginning. Place your palm under the infant's chin, with fingers pointing towards the child's shoulder. Draw your hand downward along the chest, towards their diaper. Repeat with slow, gentle motions.

In the second step, place your infant's heel next to their bottom by bending the knee. With the leg still bent, move the thigh towards their stomach until it rests on their tummy. Move the other leg to this position as well. Slowly and carefully move the legs in a bicycle pattern. The infant may be confused at first, but they grow to love it.

3 부 또한 간단하다. 손바닥 가능한 손가락 많이 사용하여, 시계 방향으로 움직임에 배꼽에 동그라미. 이 운동은 쉽게 유아 통과하게 주위 가스를 이동한다.

대부분의 부모를 들어, 기저귀 변화 당 오분은 소화기 계통의 건강을 장려 심한 복통의 증상을 완화하고, 조용하고 편안한 저녁을 촉진하기 충분하다.



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