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International (non-immigrant) Applicants

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This institution is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students. Special application and admission procedures are required of all international F-1 and M-1 students. Permanent residents, refugees, and aliens in other non-immigrant statuses should use the regular application and admission procedures.

In addition to the above requirements, international non-immigrant applicants who will be applying for the F-1 or M-1 visa must submit an affidavit of financial support, dated within 6 months of their expected admission date, from their sponsor or bank verifying that they have adequate resources to pay tuition, food, lodging, books, travel, and incidental expenses for one academic year, and barring unforeseen circumstances, that funds will be available for subsequent years. For the amount required, please contact a Pacific admissions representative.

The I-20 will be issued only after the applicant's file is complete, the applicant is fully accepted into the respective program, and the tuition deposit has been received by the college. A non-refundable I-20 fee of $100 will be withheld from the deposit if the applicant does not attend the college. The student will receive detailed instructions regarding how to apply for the visa and how to enter the U.S. together with the I-20 form. Non-immigrant F-1 or M-1 students transferring from another approved school within the U.S. must also provide a copy of their current I-20, passport name page, visa and I-94 card upon application along with the completed school transfer information form.

Non-immigrant students are not eligible for U.S. federal financial aid.

General Information for International F-1 or M-1 Non-immigrant Students

Upon arrival at the college, international studentsmust provide the college with a copy of their stamped I-20 andI-94 card, visa, and passport name page. TheDepartment of Homeland Security requires that allInternational Students enroll in a full-time course ofstudy, defined as a minimum of 12 units per semester,attend classes regularly, and make satisfactoryprogress towards completion of the degree ordiploma objective.

International students who apply from outside theUnited States may be admitted each semester. Astudent is accepted only for the term indicatedon the I-20 and the letter of acceptance and mustregister for classes during that semester. If admissionfor a different semester is desired, the applicant mustrequest a change of their starting date in writing andreceive a new I-20.

Once enrolled, international students must report anyof the following activities to the college immediately:change of legal name, address, program of study,request for program extension, intent to traveloutside the U.S., and/or desire to transfer to anotherinstitution.

There is currently no dormitory housing availableat Pacific College.

English Language Requirements

Academic success at Pacific is dependent upon thestudent's ability to communicate in English. Theability to understand, speak, read, and write inEnglish must be well developed in order to learnmaterial with full comprehension in a reasonabletime period. This level of proficiency is greater thanthat required for daily living. Therefore, every effortshould be made to perfect English skills prior tobeing admitted to the college.

Unless exempted by the Admissions Committee, students who are not native speakers of English must take Tests of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and Test of Spoken English (TSE). Applicants to all programs must achieve a TOEFL score of 500 on the paper-based exam or 61 on the Internet based exam. A TSE score of 40 is acceptable. The result of the examination determines if a student must take special courses in English prior to enrollment or if they may be allowed to take an English course while concurrently enrolled in the program. International students who hold a degree from a United States university or from a country in which English is the language of instruction may request a waiver of the TOEFL exam.