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Track 5 - Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Course of Study

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Track 5: Clinical Training

The Clinical Training track is a comprehensive curriculum that allows doctoral fellows to strengthen the necessary skills used in clinical practice. The track is made up of five components including hands-on training in the Family Medicine Clinic, analysis and collaboration in the Case Review & Mentorship experience, detailed case discussions in the Grand Rounds, supervisory training in the Supervision & Teaching Skills experience, and clinical observation in the Integrative Medicine Practicum. 

The purpose of the doctoral program is to foster self-directed learning and critical thinking skills within the framework of traditional Chinese medicine to where it becomes a defining characteristic of the graduate's professionalism. It further strives to broaden and deepen the practitioner's knowledge and skills in patient care. Since the doctorate is not required for licensure, this program provides advanced education, cultivating students into leaders of the profession. Graduates use the doctorate to enhance their careers as experts in the field as they contribute to the advancement of the medicine.

To accomplish this and its specific educational objectives, Pacific College has assembled an expert faculty to present an inspiring curriculum based on the integration of biomedicine with the modern and classical application of Chinese medicine. These topics are supported by Chinese medical language studies, research, and advanced clinical training.