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NEWSFLASH: New York Campus

New York Campus Only:  All night classes are cancelled for Monday January 26th 2015. All morning and afternoon classes for Monday January 26th 2015 will run as normal.

Massage Programs - New York

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Associate of Occupational Studies (Massage Therapies)

The purpose of the Associate of Occupational Studies program is to develop the student into an expertly trained body therapist. This program integrates Asian and Western bodywork therapy, where the massage program emphasizes Oriental medicine theory. Some of the areas studied include anatomy, physiology, general pathology, kinesiology, and eastern and western massage.

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Bachelor of Professional Studies (Asian Holistic Health and Massage)

The purpose of the bachelor’s program is to provide those with a related prerequisite Associates degree advanced training and application in Oriental medicine theory and massage practice. Coursework lays a foundation in biomedicine with extended training in a variety of Asian bodywork therapies. Students are prepared for employment in the fields of Asian holistic health and massage, either in private practice, or in a variety of healthcare or spa settings.

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Check out Asian bodywork and massage in action!

Check out Asian bodywork and
massage in action!


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