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"Endless Summer" By Sesame Pikunas

By Sesame Pikunas

    We live in a culture obsessed with preserving a state of  “endless summer.” Summer embodies the warmth, fun and joy of living. It correlates with both the physical heart that pumps blood to warm and nourish our bodies and the spiritual aspect of heart that warms and nourishes our soul. It is a time of celebration, beauty and love. The days are long and hot, people are out outside playing, enjoying the good weather and staying up late. It embodies the feeling of an ultimate childhood summer vacation, no obligations, enjoying time with friends, relaxing and laughing. Summer is the element of fire. It is the burning excitement of love, the warmth of connection, and the beauty of ripeness. Always seeking fun and excitement, rarely stopping to rest, our society perpetuates the long days of summer. We seem to be in need of constant celebration, entertainment and laughter. Before thanksgiving dinner is even digested, we’re already on a race to Christmas. Our attitude is one of fire, constantly consuming, from one fresh new fad to the next, burning the candlestick from both ends. A constant state of go-go-go, fun-fun-fun, and all the while trying to stay young-young-young!
People are constantly seeking to preserve the beauty and vibrancy of their ripe and mature youth. The admiration that used to be given to elders now shines on the young 20 to 30 something’s. Everyone is seeking to halt or reverse the ticking clock of aging. Plastic surgery to stretch and remove the wrinkles of time, implants to imitate the perkiness of long gone ripeness, and fake tanning in December to perpetuate the illusion of summer. The smell of burning fuel is a clear hallmark of civilization. Societies endless quest of haste, convenience, summer, and fun is all being powered by the burning of fossil fuels. We’re dependent on cars to get us there faster, lights to make day of night, and planes to ship summer fruits in any season. The privilege of having and using oil, the blood of the earth, to burn and fuel our society is so cherished that nations are willing to wage war to keep this fire burning. And as the fire keeps burning our planet continues to heat up in a state of global warming.
Our world is loosing much of natures beautiful colors. As if, through all the haste the earth’s blood supply has been exhausted and the world has turned a shade of grey. Burning fossil fuels has filled once clear blue skies with grey smog. Rivers that once flowed blue-green are polluted and grey-brown. Green fields are constantly being paved over with the grey cement of an ever-growing concrete jungle. The rich diversity of nature’s colors are becoming overwhelmed by the sprawl of grey urban development.
Summer is a fun and beautiful time of year so it’s no wonder society could so easily become obsessed with the joy that’s felt there and want to continue it all year. But like nature itself, everything must be in balance. In our homage to summer and the element of fire we’ve lost the strengths of the other seasons and elements. A truly rich and happy society must embrace all elements and maintain their balance in order to survive.
The element of metal contains the wisdom of autumn. Autumn is a period of decomposition. Leaves fall from the trees and rot, giving substance back to the earth. This is sacred. It is this action of decomposing that gives richness, worth, and value. It is essential for our society to recognize the importance of this cycle and incorporate it on a spiritual and physical level. It is time to decompose the current values we hold as a society and compost them into something of true value. It is time to use renewable resources of energy that can decompose into something of value instead of accumulating more filth. The water element is one of cleansing. It is the rains of winter that wash away the rubbish. It is the will to survive and the strength to get through winter. Mentally and spiritually, water embodies the flexibility and fluidity to change. It is this strength and flexibility to change that will ensure our society’s survival.
The element of wood embodies birth, vision, and hope. In order for there to be any changes on this planet we must first perceive the possibility of change, we must plan and strategize ways to actualize the change, and then the growth will come. Like spring, the energy of wood is fresh, motivated and reaching. It is the qualities of wood that will create the change that will reforest our planet.
The element of earth is the mother. It is the season of the harvest and emanates the qualities of abundance, caring, and sharing. It is the playing field, the element that contains and sustains the rest. Therefore, we must nourish this element and the earth itself, for it is our source of nourishment. Only when we think like a mother, with concern for the good of all, will there be peace and abundant nourishment across the planet. Hopefully, by remembering and honoring our connection and unity with nature, we will be able to preserve ourselves and the planet. With the seasons and elements in balance hopefully there will be a true sense of joy in our hearts, no longer fueled by ignorance, greed, vanity, and fear, but fueled with the vision, nourishment, value, and strength of nature. Perhaps by then, the term “global warming” will refer to a true global warming of the heart of humanity.