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"Personal Statement for Admission to Pacific College of Oriental Medicine" By Anthony Harrison

By Anthony Harrison


What makes me a good candidate to become a Massage Therapy practitioner, is that I
enjoy working with people.  I believe when we can help people relax it makes it easier
for them to deal with any given situation that life has in store for us. Because of my easy

going spirit people are able to feel comfortable around me. Enabling them to relax and
handle stressful situations better. Stress is the number one reason that most people are ill
and have shorter life spans.

My personal experiences with massage have all been great, no matter how uptight I have
felt before going into a session, I always remember that I’ve always come out feeling
refreshed and renewed.
These are some of the contributions that I could bring to my patients
healthcare. Allowing them to experience a sense of well being, and feeling connected. In
our day to day life many of us don’t feel connected to anything, not our families, work or
life its’ self.

The one thing that I feel that I will be able to personally benefit from being a massage
Therapist is that, I myself have always had difficulty relaxing. I’ve always believe that
when we experience issues in our  lives, relaxation is a good way in  helping someone
else with their issue; it gives us a better handle on our issues. If I can help people heal
themselves, I in turn am healing myself. It will assist me in passing on healing to future
generations. By healing a generation I have healed a nation.  I envision the day when my
family and friends will no longer have to worry about aliments that they don’t understand
and that I haven’t squandered the gifts that God has given me, to help others.