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"Acne and Diet" by Alex Garcia-Osuna 12559
"Chinese Medical Terminology: A Student’s Perspective" By Micah Arsham 10752
"Wake Up and Smell the Acupuncture" By Esther Hornstein 5379
"The Spine: A Biological Cosmology of the Universe" By Jorge A. Gonzalez 5680
"The Cancer Fighting Health Benefits of Tea" By Sean Davis 5251
"Introduction to Research" By Maryanne Travaglione 4498
"Pharmacognosy" By Roger M. Rutz 5714
"World Peace from the Perspective of a Veteran Acupuncturist" By Nancy Cohn Morgan 4707
"On The Art of Study" By David J. Derdiger 4313
"TAIYUAN (LU-9) and TCM Pulse Diagnosis" By Margarita M. Truong 9594
"The Taoist Approach of the Three Dantians" By Te-Hsin Lo & Joseph Zeisky 6783
"Food Therapy in Cancer Rehabilitation" By Erin Silver Piccola 6543
"Tui Na History" By Patrice Berg 5021
"Personal Statement for Admission to Pacific College of Oriental Medicine" By Anthony Harrison 5784
"Educating Patients of Oriental Medicine" By Kimberly M. Davis 4838
"Endometriosis and Chinese Medicine" By Karen Vaughan 9250
"The Dietary Management of Endometriosis" By Sue Cook 8011
"Eastern Nutrition" By Kimberley Woo 6138
"Case Study" By Carmela (Lina) Yerkes 7038
"Difficulties Facing Modern Acupuncture Research in America" By Alison Warren 5184
"Confucianism and the Development of Chinese Medicine" By Emily Lee 6912
"Acupuncture treatment as an effective therapy for lower back pain with sciatica" By BJ DiMartini 9155
"Psoriatic Arthritis Case Study" By Barbara Ferrero 11382
"Crossing The Barrier: Applying TCM Food Therapy to American Cuisine" By JK DeLapp 5206
"Antisocial Personality Disorder & The Five Elements" By Robert A. Vena 7371
"Endless Summer" By Sesame Pikunas 4982
"What is Spleen Qi Vacuity?" By Anna Strong 8957
"Case Study Project: 63-year-old Male with Bi Syndrome" By Angel Careaga 4883
"An Integrative Case Study Dealing With Asthma: XIÀO CHUǍN" By Anne F. Davies 4676
"Introduction to the Tao Te Ching" By Brent Garcia 5880
"Yin & Yang" By Vicky Lee 5343
"The Stress Factor" By Nicole Sheldon 5016