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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and 16 Genetic Personality Types (GPT) —A Psychological Concomitan/ OM Summer 09

by Bob Cooley

The following includes excerpts from my second book The Sixteen Geniuses - Sixteen Genetic Personality Types 

Life Takes Time

The first glimpses into the types


More than a decade and a half ago, I discovered sixteen genetic personality types, I call them the sixteen geniuses. I have attempted to capture the types for you by reproducing the exact words they use to describe themselves. As you read their words, your imagination will bring forth the inimitable lives, and intelligences of the types. Once you know about types, for the rest of your life, anytime you meet anyone, you will always think and forever be unable not to think, the indelible question: "What type is this person?"

One way to name each type is to identify them by two of their most exceptional characteristic traits. Everyone has all of these traits to some degree of course, but only one type innately has these traits in an omnipresent way. I'm wondering which one of the 16 types are you?


The Devoted and Decisive Genius,

The Free and Giving Genius,

The Truthful and Powerful Genius,

The Perfect and Complete Genius,

The Sober and Self-Expressive Genius,

The Peaceful and

Communicative Genius,

The Unconditional and

Right Action Genius,

The Creative and Passionate Genius,

The Master and Problem

Solving Genius,

The Sexual and Willing Genius,

The Open and Judicious Genius,

The Athletic and Community Genius,

The Hopeful and Honest Genius,

The Understanding and

Humorous Genius,

The Changeable and Integrity Genius,


The Healing and Soulful Genius.



The Ken of Psychology -Types

 It takes a lot to know someone, but only a moment to type them. A new psychology is being presented that is based on my discovery of sixteen genetic personality types. This type concept lays a new foundation for psychology while providing what is already known in this field with a telamon, and a new organizational wholeness. This type based psychology also emphasizes a way to have a greater aliveness and positive spirit in psychology, and a psycho-spiritual approach to understanding everyone. This twenty first century type approach to psychology explores human consciousness from a wellness perspective in addition to the traditional illness categorization. Knowing the types gives everyone the tools they need to finally communicate effectively with other types and with people from different types of cultures, races, religions, and backgrounds. I have enormous respect for the elite historical psychological figures that drove psychology before me. The enigma of knowing people is over. A map of human consciousness ensues.


My Discovery of A Muscle Group TCM Concomitance

More than two decades ago, I was involved in tragic pedestrian car accident. Hit by a car traveling 70 mph, I was physically and psychologically unearthed, felt spiritually dead, and emotionally empty. For a year and a half I visited doctors, and though I learned from all of them, I was not healed. But stretching did work- kinda'. My NDE was now going to direct me to the answers. I discovered that muscles involuntarily contract when being elongated. If I consciously resisted the movement or position of the stretch, I found that my flexibility increased dramatically.

I identified that muscles need to contract when being stretched. The more they stretch. The results were immediate, cumulative, and permanent. I had discovered how muscles really stretch. The world was going to change the way it would stretch forever. This absolutely works! One day while I was stretching the muscles on the back of my thighs (my hamstrings), my bladder contracted so hard I had to come out of the stretch. WHY? I had no way of understanding the reasons for my bladder, much less any other organ, "showing up" while I worked on stretching a specific muscle group. A friend told me that the Bladder Energy Meridian of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) runs along the hamstrings.

That seemed really weird, but I decided to find out if other stretches I had created caused an effect in other organs. I tried many other stretches, discovering over and over again that when I stretched different muscle groups, specific organ awarenesses and their functions improved. Who would ever guess that you can make your organs more "fit", just like you make your muscular system more fit. For example, when I stretched the muscles that run along the back of my shoulders, down my arm into my index finger, my bowel movements would improve. In TCM these muscles are also intimately associated with the functioning of one's Large Intestine. There was nothing I could do but give in and accept the idea of a muscle-organ meridian association.

My organs were being affected by stretching specific muscles. At first glance, the connections seemed implausible and strange. But they were hardly new! These specific muscles corresponded to meridian pathways in TCM. The muscles,  meridians, and organs matched up exactly. Organ health or "fitness" improves with stretching. Over that year and a half, I identified muscle group-meridian associations for each of the 16 types of stretches. I had stretches for 16 different muscle groups that corresponded to the health of 16 internal organs and unblocking energy in the organ meridian pathways. These stretches were "regenerative" to me physically and physiologically. I had now made another "rediscovery" about muscles and meridian energy channels that could be traced back to traditional Chinese medicine, which is hundreds of years old.

I did not go looking for these discoveries that associated what I had experienced with Classical Hatha Yoga or traditional Chinese medicine. I did not, as many people have since suspected, study yoga or energy medicine before making these discoveries. I knew practically nothing before hand. The connection between these ancient bodies of knowledge was experienced by me accidentally. I learned this information through sensing and feeling my body. I was simply trying to fix my body. A former Math professor raised in a conservative home, I was far from being open to "alternative" therapies. I never even considered going to, nor did I know of, an alternative therapist. And there I was, smack dab in the middle of ancient healing sciences! More had already happened to me than I could have ever imagined!


Discovering the Types

 Originally and unintentionally, I unearthed the types while attempting to rehabilitate myself. I was physically catapulted into discovering the types while previously unknowing of their existence. While practicing each of 16 different types of flexibilityexercises that I created, I unexpectedly experienced my perception of the world and myself being reconfigured; as 16 totally different ways of being, or universal types engulfed me, morphing my consciousness. I was using a ‘new way' to stretch that I discovered, and later called Resistance Flexibility. And unexpectedly when I wanted to know more about a particular type, that type of person would immediately show up at my doorstep.

 The traits are universal in nature, for everyone that tries the different types of stretches, uses exactly the same words to describe how they feel. And this is how each type feels everyday since they were born, and how they will feel for the rest of their lives.

It is through this wave of almost unbelievable synchronicities that the information on types began. And it was in this way, that a new theory of types was born, a theory that has a transcendental spirit, and an unshakeable rock-solid physical root and foundation. New ideas about types, innumerable and unfathomable in their effect, ideas almost wholly unknown to most, discovered initially by consequences and later by intention, are revealed in this book. I feel destined to write this book on types.


The High and Low Personality Traits of Each Type

It became quite clear to me early on that each type was naturally endowed with differentiable innate abilities or high traits that hone them in to being learned and shrewd, or uncultured and foolish about specific things in life. The perquisite for each type's way of being is who they are, and is based on each type's perdurable high traits. I discovered that each type was potentially an authority on these specific traits concomitant only with their type; positive traits for example like sobriety, honesty, peacefulness, and forgiveness, or negative traits like addiction, dishonesty, indifference, and brainwashing.

Because any human attribute or depravity can be assigned concomitantly to one of the types, you only need to know what type someone is, and then you can ask them about those specific traits they are potential authorities on. So when I want to know how to develop or dismantle particular human traits, I go to the one type that is most knowledgeable of just those specific dominions, for they are the only ones that truly know those exact types of information. That type was the one type, more than any other type that was born to specialize in knowing about those unique types of things.

My initial discovery of types was followed up by a global exploration of the types through thousands of interviews done worldwide. A substantiation of each type's character traits was confirmed through interviews of people from all walks of life by interviewers from many different backgrounds and occupations. Meticulous attention was given to replicate each type's ways of explaining themselves, their characteristic life styles, and relationships with others in the first book ever written on the sixteen types.


Everyone is Irreplaceable

Everyone that is the same type has the same unique sound in their voice, pheromone, posture, looks, and types of relationships with other types. But everyone is without a doubt completely different. Knowing types unequivocally validates that everyone is unique, irreplicable, exceptional, exclusive, and rare. For knowing types makes everyone even more aware of the soleness of everyone.

So whether a person is your best friend, parent, partner, the cashier at the grocery store, or anyone you meet, you can now access their wisdom and they yours, when you know their type. Everyone can begin to learn what they have always needed to know from each other.


Balancing Types

Perhaps the greatest thing about knowing types is that one of the other types is your balancing type. Of all the other types, it is the one type that is a perfect match, the right type for a long-term, intimate relationship. So the 16 types form 8 balancing couples, and what makes these 8 balancing couples so special? They are like two sides of a coin: what one type is normally conscious of their balancing type is unconscious of, and vice versa; so they teach each other how to be whole or experience self oneness, and then learn how to be one with each other, and finally to be one with life. It's that simple. Perhaps no one has ever known whom really to partner with - not native people unspoiled by civilization, kings, queens, emperors, tribal rulers, one's parents, religious philosophies, the most educated, nor match makers, or astrologists.

Whom to partner up with is something that has always been more or less a guessing game until now. Balancing Types: I'd rather be with someone that doesn't need me to be someone else. They are more than you ever knew was possible. They are uncomplicated, easy, simple-hearted, and effortless in their interactions. They are the conscious and unconscious ‘flip' of each other. They touch each other in exactly the right spots, like scratching an itch. Smell matters-they have the right pheromones for each other. They are forever madly in love, inescapably bounded, with destinies nonpareil. They encourage each other to be healthy and have longevity. Communication between them flows like life itself. They experience a sense of timelessness. They are breathless, speechless, and powerless with each other. They communicate with each other better than with anyone else, and often without even speaking. They are connected regardless of whether either is still living. They know they are satisfied and everyone else can also see it, and everyone is positively affected by them. Their lovemaking is more ecstatic than you ever fantasized. This may just be the one type of relationship that can change the world.


Your Type of Unconscious

Wildly so, the unconscious part of you behaves identically to how your balancing type behaves, and, perhaps unexpectedly, not like how your natural conscious type behaves. So knowing your balancing type's way of being defines your specific type of possible unconscious behaviors. Knowing and being the way your balancing type is being, is acting from your unconscious, and is the most coveted secret behind personal growth.

Your unconscious is a temporary holding ground for content that cannot be immediately processed. However, its contents don't remain permanently unconscious, instead, the contents are designed to surface up to consciousness over time. The more developed a person, the faster their unconscious content surfaces to consciousness and is processed.

Your unconscious is exactly the view of yourself and the world that everyone characteristically glances over in daily life. It is also exactly the type of behavior that one admires most in others. One's mind is like the moon, one side is lit, and the other is dark, except unlike the moon the dark side becomes lit. Perhaps your conscious/unconscious mind is more like what the earth's surface is like, as it changes from dark to light each day, so that what was dark becomes lit each day. The view of your reality rests within your unconscious way of being. Most everyone is normally leaving out or unknowing of reality. Knowing that other perspective and this other view is identical to your balancing type's view.

Unimaginable efforts are necessary to drill a pathway into the depths of one's unconscious well, but once this is accomplished, incorporating this way of being into your daily life, holds the key to answering every question you have ever had about everything. Really. When you are connected with the balancing type within you, unexpectedly all the other parts of their personality are continuously cleared of their obstructions. All of your problems begin to unravel, everything is systematically swept away and replaced by those positive traits that you always wish to have. Why? Because your unconscious is what everything about you rests upon; it is deepest part of you, and once you know how to be in this way, all the other parts of you that are above it are supported and lifted up to consciousness.

You finally get to change those stubborn parts of you, even in spite of yourself.  And it is only the balancing type's way of being that can present you as you truly are. Everyone is more or less knowingly searching to be like their balancing type, which can only happen by having continuous access to your unconscious. Having discovered each type's unconscious is much more that I knew was possible, and exceeds all my expectations for personal growth.


The Secret Behind Types

The secret behind types is the concept of balancing types. Again, I identified that each type has an unconscious that is the same as their balancing type. I also identified that each type has only one other type that balances them. This balancing type is naturally conscious of what the other type is unconscious of, and vice versa. Being with one's balancing type knocks the door down to your unconscious, unearths your unconscious, plumbs your unconscious, ultimately giving you constant access to its contents, and you do the same for your balancing type ... of course. It is perhaps outright absurd for me to think that I have discovered the types, their unconsciousnesses, and their balancing types. But I think you will find all of these new ideas true. And then you will be thought of as being as audacious as myself because of what you have learned -about types.

My second book now begins as I have taken into my personal life an attempt to live and learn from the new reality that results from knowing types of geniuses. I am attempting to erase forever the great voids in ways I don't know how to be with remarkable second= nature behaviors. Having accessed my balancing type's way of being both from accessing my unconscious within, knowing my balancing type, and from attempting to be in a balanced way with everyone, I can peacefully write this book while assuaging my constant feelings of fright and turning them into perspective. Hope you like roller-coaster rides because if you are reading this book, you're on one of the ‘life- rollercoaster' rides of the century. This might be your first opportunity or initiation into experiencing ... the lives of the types. The information on types grows each day, fast like a child, sudden like lightning, sharp as a sword, and deep as anything can go, humbling everyone in its path.

I see more things that I do not understand than things that I do. I mostly don't yet understand what I see other people doing or what I am doing. Always much more not known than known. May the changes that result from knowing types, bring nothing but more peace within yourself and into the world. And now, for glimpses into the types...