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National Massage Therapy Awareness Week

From October 22-28, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine's San Diego campus participated in National Massage Therapy Awareness Week . This annual national event, spearheaded by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), was designed to raise public awareness of the benefits of therapeutic body massage and encourage people to take the extra time to care for their health through massage. San Diego students and practitioners participated in events, both to educate and network.

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine invited the public to receive complimentary body massage by its massage San Diego program students. One body therapy class was opened to the public each day. The participants were able to enjoy the benefits of Foot Reflexology, Tui Na, and Swedish massage. During the course of the week, over 140 individuals turned out to participate, making the first-time event a big success. In addition to receiving body massage , participants were able to speak with students and faculty about the benefits of body massage and the college's body therapy programs. Many of the events' participants expressed their gratitude and enthusiasm about the event as well as an interest in other Pacific events and programs.

National Massage Therapy Awareness Week provided an opportunity to send an important message about the benefits of body massage to a society that is over-worked, stressed and not paying enough attention to its health. Popular and effective among all age groups, more than one in four Americans report having had a body massage from a massage therapist in the past five years, spending a total of approximately $6 billion each year.