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Green Tea Extract May Help HIV Patients 10202
Tai Chi as a Beneficial Exercise for Seniors 6340
Herbs for Heart Health 12924
Traditional Chinese Medicine and Bone Health 9761
Fight Eating Disorders with Chinese Medicine 14819
Green Tea for Type II Diabetes 30403
Herbs for Prostrate Health 7155
National Breast Cancer Awareness Month 5457
Benefits of Acupuncture on Fertility Treatments 7601
Red Tea is Beneficial for Tension and Depression 10384
Herbs for Women: Alternatives to Prescription Medications 17181
Massage for Detoxification 12618
Quit Smoking with Acupuncture 8211
Properties of Oriental Medicine Herbs 5311
Summer and Traditional Chinese Medicine 7234
Herbal Remedies for Children's Chronic Ear Infection 12193
Green Tea Fights Against Aging 6938
Acupuncture for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorder 6593
The Role of Tea in Cardio-Vascular Health 7804
An Introduction to Chinese Herbs 9315
Chinese Extract May Yield Diabetes Treatment 5690
Huperzia for Alzheimer's 6124
Black Tea Aids Oral Health 9731
Treating Obesity with Acupuncture 8565
Acupuncture to Ease the Side Effects of AIDS Drugs 5926
Pacific College Celebrates 20th Anniversary as Leader in Oriental Medicine 6780
Acupuncture for the Relief of Arthritis Pain 10409
Chinese Herbs for Back Pain 8891
Black Tea and Heart Disease 7821
Treating Children with Traditional Chinese Medicine 9708
Pacific College's Doctoral Program gets Glowing Reviews in First Semester 6583
Chinese Medicine Helps Shed Those Extra Pounds 5184
The Benefits of Green Tea 6983
Massage Therapy for Arthritis 8569
Acupuncture for Hypertension and Stroke 14113
Chinese Medicine Eases Stress 7972
Healthy Body, Healthy Sole - Foot Health and Chinese Medicine 13604
Sexual Health the Natural Way 8039
Health Benefits of White Tea 19450
Chinese Medicine and Nutrition 7052
Massage Therapy in the Hospital Setting 9825
Chinese Medicine for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month 10316
Acupuncture for Addiction Seminars: San Diego and New York 8917
Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture for Glaucoma 11422
Educate and Empower Your Patients about Heart Health 6448
Cancer Patients Find Relief Through Massage 5241
Educate and Empower Your Patients About Heart Health 8215
Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture for Glaucoma 11506
Pregnancy: The Marriage of Yin and Yang 8979
Seasonal Affective Disorder 5447