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Here is a compilation of PCOM's ongoing presence in the news. Check back here to see the most recent media outlets that are picking up the college, PCOM faculty, clinicians, students, and alumni.

PCOM San Diego Alumnus Demonstrates Acupuncture on San Diego Living

Bertram Furman, L.Ac., director of The Wellness Source, Shows San Diego Living How Acupuncture Can Help Pain Management. Check it out!

PCOM San Diego Alumnus Shows There's No Reason to Fear Acupuncture

Elijah Hawken, M.S., L.Ac helps alleviate a phobia of needles when it comes to acupuncture on Good Morning Texas. Check it out!

New York Press Discusses Natural Ways to Relieve Allergies

Tom Nash, head of the Herbal Department at our New York campus, shares his insight about Chinese herbal remedies for allergies. Check it out!