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Here is a compilation of PCOM's ongoing presence in the news. Check back here to see the most recent media outlets that are picking up the college, PCOM faculty, clinicians, students, and alumni.

Pop-up Acupuncture Clinic in Newtown, Conn., Treats Post-Traumatic Stress in a Novel Way

The New York Daily News highlights some of the Acupuncture service work being done by Pacific College graduates Alise Beccaria, Michelle Ladue, and Christy Sica after Hurricane Sandy and currently in Newtown, Connecticut after the SandyHook massacre. Read more here.

Pacific College Wins National Institute of Health (NIH) Contract For Disaster Health Information Outreach

Naomi Broering, dean of libraries, along with the Pacific College library will be collaborating with the Public Health Services, Health & Human Services Agency, of the County of San Diego (SDPHS) to share disaster health information and increase awareness of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) resources available to first responders and health workers in times of crisis. Learn more!

Pacific College Alumnus Featured on Katie Couric's online show: Katie's Take

Pacific College Alumnus Jill Blakeway, LAc shares all about acupuncture with Katie Couric and even gives Katie her very first acupuncture treatment! Check it out!