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NEWSFLASH: New York Campus

New York Campus Only:  All night classes are cancelled for Monday January 26th 2015. All morning and afternoon classes for Monday January 26th 2015 will run as normal.

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The University of Pennsylvania's Cancer Resource web page. It contains an excellent collection of pages including information on specific types of cancers, cancer treatments, social and psychological support and coping suggestions, and recent research advances. It is updated every day and contains information at many levels from basic to in-depth.

Our Bodies Ourselves
Links to women's health resources on Holistic Medicine and Healing, including complementary medicine sites.

Overeaters Anonymous San Diego Intergroup

OVID E-books on TCM, Peoples Med Pub HouseOVID E-books on TCM, Peoples Med Pub House
A collection of over 100 invaluable E-books from the People's Medical Publishing House on Traditional Chinese Medicine. These famous textbooks and case studies from China are available to view, copy, and print from the library or home computers.

* Access is available from San Diego, New York and Chicago campuses.
* Access is available from outside of PCOM Campus by loggin into MyPCOM.


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