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Family Caregiver Alliance
Information, services and support for caregivers and families of victims of long-term, chronic and terminal conditions. Includes "Fact Sheets" in English, Spanish and Chinese on various conditions (e.g., dementia, Parkinson's Disease, and stroke) and issues (e.g., End of life decision making, assistive devices, and behavior management strategies for dementia patients). Includes online support group for caregivers at http://www.caregiver.org/caregiver/jsp/content_node.jsp?nodeid=347

Federal Citizen Information Center - Government Nutrition Resources
The Federal Citizen Information Center is managed by the General Services Administration and provides links on articles published by the Federal Government related to nutrition, food safety, fruit and veggies, labeling, and government programs available to the public.

FEMA – Proteger a su familia de los incendios (PDF, 360 KB)

FirstGov for Seniors Health Section
This major government site provides access to all federal agencies and other organizations that provide services and programs for seniors (for example, Social Security, Medicare and Veterans Affairs). Seniors can search for government information and programs without knowing the name of the agency responsible for that service.

Food and Drug Administration
Safety information for drugs (for human and animals), cosmetics, food products, and medical and radiological devices. Free full-text of FDA Consumer magazine articles is available on the site (from 1995) and under the Health Professionals section you can access the Bad Bug Book (offering basic facts on food borne pathogenic organisms and natural toxins). The FDA Web Site Index is easy to use. Check under "Web sites" for links to non-government sites.

Food and Nutrition
United States Department of Agriculture – National Agriculture Library. Includes food safety, dietary supplements, food and nutrition information.

Food and Nutrition Information Center
The US Department of Agriculture - National Agriculture Library maintains this Resource List on many different nutrition topics including: Food and Nutrition Education, Food Safety, Herbal and Dietary Supplements, and Weight Control.

Food and Nutrition Topics - Medline Plus
This one-stop site contains information on diverse food and nutrition topics including dietary supplements, dietary needs, and vegetarianism. Authoritative nutrition information contained in this website comes from The US National Library of Medicine, The National Institutes of Health and other government, non-profit and health-related organizations.

Food Pyramids
An Independent academic review of the USDA 2005 Pyramid, with a recommended Healthy Eating Pyramid from Harvard School of Public Health.

Free Medical Journals
Promotes free access to medical articles. This site allows you to search for articles in medical journals by specialty, title, or keyword. Only publications free on-line are available.


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