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Designed with older users in mind, this site uses information from Healthwise Inc., a non-profit organization aimed at consumer health advocacy.

Database covering subject of acupuncture and acupuncture research.

Look up Acupuncture Health Topics A-Z, Learning and Resource Center.

Acufinder Herbs Topics- Alphabetically

Acufinder – Search for an acupuncturist
over 30,000 listed

ACU Trials
Database created by Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. It contains randomized trials and systematic reviews of acupuncture. Data is obtained primarily from PubMed, Cochrane Library and OCOM library resources. The PCOM Library access is ID pcomlib, PW student.

AEGIS: AIDS Education Global Information System
AEGIS is a non-profit, user-supported service containing, "the largest HIV knowledge base in the world." Contains a powerful search engine for locating scientific abstracts, news from major wire services and articles written by persons living with HIV.

Aging and Independence Services
San Diego County:  Multiple languages scroll down to bottom of page.

AGS Foundation for Health in Aging
Information for the public and health care professionals on the health and care of older adults from the American Geriatrics Society. Resources include online guides for care giving at home and for pain management, Patient Education Forums on specific geriatric topics and answers to commonly asked questions. Provides access to the FHA Directory of Agencies and Organizations Addressing the Special Health Care Needs of Older Adults.

AHRQ Agency for Health Care Research

AIDS Education and Training Centers National Resource Center (AETC NRC)
This website gives information on finding AIDS Education and Training Centers around the country, introduces new AIDS Education initiatives, and offers clinicians information on new drugs.

AIDS Info HIV/AIDS Information
This site, a Service of DHHS, includes numerous components with HIV/AIDS information treatment and prevention and research.

AIDSinfo Mobile-Index


AIDS – MedlinePlus AIDS
Medline offers a dictionary definition of AIDS and offers links to tutorials about different aspects of the disease-such as alternative therapy and disease management-and is also available in Spanish.

AIDS Research Institute
The ARI is a research facility within UCSD; their website offers a chance for community members to donate to the research cause and also offers links to different AIDS affiliates around the country.

AIDS Resource Center
A resource guide that includes medical news, FAQs and other related information.

AIDS Treatment Data Network
Provides patient information on opportunistic infections, treatments, and advocacy.

Air PollutionConsumer Health Information from MEDLINE PLUS

Alt HealthWatch
This full-text article database includes over 150 alternative medicine and complementary health magazines, journals and proceedings. Among the publications available are several Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine journals. It focuses on complementary, holistic, integrated approaches to health care and wellness.

Alternative Medicine Directory
A major directory source of alternative medicine, healing and natural health. Includes schools, therapy, treatments, wellness, yoga, etc.

Alzheimer's Association
The Alzheimer's Association is the world leader in Alzheimer research and support. This site is useful to learn about aspects of Alzheimer's disease.

Alzheimer's Disease Education & Referral Center ADEAR
Use this site to find current, comprehensive Alzheimer's disease (AD) information and resources from the U.S. Government's National Institute on Aging (NIA).

American Diabetes Association
La Diabetes y los Latinos

American Family Physician
This is an informative article on familial aspects and therapy for hyperlipidemia patients.

American Geriatrics Society- Home Page
Information for health care professionals on geriatric health and professional development, including information about the Society, conference and other event notices, a list of funding opportunities for individuals involved in geriatric research, and practice guidelines. It includes the 2002 Edition of Geriatrics at Your Fingertips, a resource for evaluating and managing the diseases and disorders that most commonly affect older persons.

American Geriatrics Society – Directory of Agencies and Organizations
An Internet digital library of links to peer-reviewed geriatrics resources to be used in the clinical care of the older patient and in the education of health care professionals.

American Heart Association

American Lung Association
Information source for lung and pulmonary related health topics-A to Z

American Obesity Association
Fact sheets are a product of the AOA's National Campaign of Obesity Education- Ingles y Español

Ask the Acupuncturist

Ask Dr. Weil
Andrew Weil, M.D. is a leader in the movement toward "integrative medicine" -- combining the best of conventional Western medicine and the so-called "alternative" therapies. This site highlights Dr. Weil's previous work as well as his answers to questions about complementary, alternative, and integrative approaches to health problems.

AsthmaConsumer Health Information from MEDLINE PLUS

Asthma- American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
The AAAI provides this free Patients and Consumers information tools and resources.

Asthma in ChildrenConsumer Health Information from MEDLINE PLUS


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